S2:E3- Cruelty Free

One of our toughest episodes to get through without tears. This week we dove deep into what all this cruelty free stuff really means and why it’s such an important fad. We were mind blown to learn how many of our favorite brands are not cruelty free. Listen in to learn more and join theContinue reading “S2:E3- Cruelty Free”

S1:E10- Hangover Cures

For those of you unfortunate souls who’s experienced the terrible result of a big night out, we sympathize with you and we want to help you! Hence, our newest episode where Nikita tries out all the latest hangover cure fads, and Miya dishes the science behind what causes a hangover. Find out which ones easedContinue reading “S1:E10- Hangover Cures”

S1:E8- fadspert: Carsan Dittman, RDN

Our very first fadspert, aka expert on all things fads! Carsan Dittman is the Sports Dietitian for the Los Angeles Clippers (whoa!), and happens to be a close friend of your collagen chugging host Miya. Carsan dishes out all the facts behind some of the biggest fads to date like the Keto Diet, Probiotics, andContinue reading “S1:E8- fadspert: Carsan Dittman, RDN”