Meet the Hosts

Hi there! We’re Miya and Nikita, the hosts of fadish Podcast. We’re your average 20 somethings born & raised in beautiful Southern California– where tons of lifestyle and wellness fads first hit the scene.

We met in 2015 while working together at a tech company in Los Angeles and have been best friends ever since! We both graduated from Loyola Marymount University (Go Lions!) where Miya played on the tennis team and Nikita started a service organization focused on environmental sustainability and human trafficking awareness. Shockingly, we didn’t know each other in college but have been attached at the hip even (after we stopped working together). We both currently work in tech and love our day jobs but also loved the idea of working on something together that was entertaining and fun!

We decided to start this podcast for many reasons:

  1. We love trying the latest fads that hit the market (or hit our Instagram feeds)
  2. We have been wanting to work together since we stopped working together
  3. There aren’t enough Asian-American women putting their voices and faces out there and we hope to inspire more and more to get out there and do their passion projects, no matter what they are.
  4. Nikita’s mom, Tina, constantly would send “fun facts” about different foods and we started wondering what was true and what was just a hoax! And that’s where the idea sparked!

We’ve been doing the podcast since 2019 and have been having a blast! We love learning about different fads such as CBD, celery juice, and face rollers. It’s really fun to have information about the hottest topics as they come up at parties! Our favorite part is genuinely our listeners and fans (known as fadies). Every message we get makes us so happy to know we are bringing useful information into the world and people are enjoying our comedy! We cannot wait to continue bringing you all more and more episodes!

Stay fad-tastic


Miya & Nikita

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